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Are you building a high performance business?

High Performance businesses have a greater level of profit and create more value for all shareholders. They are also less stressful to manage, leverage and grow.

This questionnaire will determine whether you have the basic “high performance” strategic and operational framework in place to be successful.

You will receive a no obligation free report and our knowledgeable team at Monvue Advisory Services are available to assist you transform your business.

What is the value of your business?

We have developed a valuation calculator that will enable you to put in some basic assumptions to help determine the current businesses value.

This calculator demonstrates the 4 main drivers of business value: your current levels of revenue, profitability, your growth rate and the level of risk to a potential purchaser. Important to note, this calculator ignores asset values and other factors for simplistic reasons.

Click on the picture to access the free calculator and we can provide a detailed report to explain your score and how to improve the business’ value.

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